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Internationalization - How It Fits with Translation

We at Translators USA don't only provide translation services. We also seek to help our clients achieve their objectives in both their personal and business lives. For that reason, we are carefully following the developments in the field of translation and areas such as marketing, finance, medicine, pharmacy, law, engineering, etc. in order to dete...
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Infrared Vs FM Interpretation Systems

In addition to providing various interpreting services, Translators USA is also a vendor of professional interpreting equipment. Aware that sound quality is of key importance for quality interpretation, we use and sell only the highest quality interpreting equipment. But we are also aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To meet the nee...
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In-Depth Subject Knowledge Equally Important as Language Proficiency

We at Translators USA are very proud to be able to provide translation services in over 150 languages. But we are also very proud to be able to provide translations in a wide range of subjects and industries. Our language specialists are qualified, trained and certified professionals who have the knowledge, skills and expertise to translate in thei...
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Idiomatic Translation - When Expertise Really Counts

In order to provide the highest quality translation services, we at Translators USA work very closely with our clients to determine their needs and deliver a custom tailored service accordingly. But we also work very closely with our translators for two reasons. The first reason is to monitor their performance and make sure that their work meets th...
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How Much Time is Needed to Install Interpreting Equipment?

In addition to the highest quality interpreting services, Translators USA also provides assistance in everything related to interpreting including interpreting equipment and its installation. How much time is needed to install interpreting equipment depends on several factors but it above all depends on the type of equipment purchased/rented and th...
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Hiring Interpreters – The Price Factor

While striving to provide the highest quality interpreting services, Translators USA also strives to provide the best pricing possible. We are aware that our clients are not seeking for the lowest rates possible because they don't want to pay but because they have to. Holding a multilingual event is quite expensive, especially if you have to hire a...
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Hiring Interpreters – Questions To Ask and Factors To Pay Attention To

We at Translators USA understand the importance of working with the right interpreter(s). After all, if you want your event to succeed, you need an interpreter or a team of interpreters who can handle their task successfully. Obviously, a question occurs how can you tell who is up to the task and who isn't? Selecting the right interpreter(s) can be...
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Good to Know About Medical

As one of America's leading medical transcription service providers, Translators USA is aware of the importance of accurate, fast and reasonably priced medical transcription. For that reason we entrust doctors' recordings only to US-based medical transcriptionists (MTs) who have in-depth medical knowledge and are familiar with MDs expressions. Alth...
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Glossary of Common Interpreting Terms

To help our clients make informed decisions, Translators USA has decided to compile a glossary of common interpreting terms (listed by alphabetical order): Active language. It refers to the language which the interpreter understands and speaks perfectly. It is sometimes also referred to as A language. Ad hoc interpreting. It describes interpretin...
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Fast Translations – How Fast Are They Really?

Both individuals and businesses alike are turning to Translators USA because we always deliver quality. But they are also choosing our translation services because we have the fastest turnaround in the industry. Unfortunately, our turnaround isn't always as fast as our clients would want it to be but we always do our very best to meet our clients' ...
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Editing and Proofreading – Integral Part of Translating

Editing and Proofreading – Integral Part of Translating Dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we at Translators USA don't take any shortcuts when it comes to quality. For us, a misspelled name, typo, incorrect date or telephone number, etc. is unacceptable. In addition to working with the most knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated tran...
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Divorce Certificate Translation

Translators USA is happy to help with translation of all types of personal documents including Divorce Certificate. Our knowledgeable and experienced language specialists can translate in over 150 languages accurately, on-time and cost-effectively. In addition to offering the highest quality translation services at the best rates and the fastest tu...
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Diploma Translation - Having Your Education Recognized

Translators USA team of linguistic experts who are specialized in personal documents translations have helped hundreds of both American and non-American citizens to have their foreign diplomas recognized in the United States and continue education on the US universities or/and apply for jobs for which they are qualified. By providing the highest qu...
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Deposition Interpreting At a Glance

Translators USA skilled and experienced interpreters don't only provide interpreting services for conferences, business meetings and similar events but are also available for legal procedures including depositions. These are very similar to the traditional court proceedings which means that the interpreter has to be familiar with the legal terminol...
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The Demand for Medical Transcriptionists in the U.S. Projected to Grow

While striving to provide the best rates possible, we at Translators USA never cut corners when it comes to quality and we never outsource English medical transcriptions overseas. In our opinion, the risks are simply too high. And based on the projected growth of the demand for medical transcriptionists (MTs) in the U.S., we believe that healthcare...
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Customer Satisfaction Always Comes First

For Translators USA, customer satisfaction always comes first. A satisfied client gives us all a high level of personal satisfaction, a confirmation that we are delivering quality and motivation to work even harder to meet our clients' needs. We are aware that only a satisfied client will turn to us if in need for translation, interpreting or trans...
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Continuous Improvement to Provide the Highest Quality Service

In order to meet and exceed our clients' expectations, we at Translators USA are fully committed to providing the highest quality service at the best pricing possible. We work only with the most proficient language specialists who have experience and both linguistic and disciplinary knowledge to handle any project timely and professionally, and acc...
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Consistency and Translation – The Whys and Hows

The majority of Translators USA clients return for more because we always deliver quality and fast translations at very affordable rates. We work very closely with our clients which enables us to accommodate their needs perfectly. But it also enables us to evaluate how well our clients are informed about the process of translation and the industry'...
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Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation – Having Difficulties Deciding?

No matter if you need consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, you can always turn to Translators USA language specialists. All our interpreters are experts in their language pairs, have specialized knowledge in all fields and industries and are fully trained to provide an accurate and meaningful interpretation in over 150 languages, at any venu...
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Consecutive Interpreting Services

Of the many services provided by Translators USA language specialists, consecutive interpreting services are among the most highly sought after. Though many of our clients decide for simultaneous interpretation instead, consecutive interpretation offers several advantages over the former. Firstly, it doesn't require any special equipment and second...
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