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Multilingual Translation Services

Translators USA mission is to help our clients break the language barrier in virtually every field and project including those requiring translation to or from multiple languages. Eager to provide the highest quality translation to everyone who needs one, we work with over 9,000 translators from all over the world who: Can translate in over 150 ...
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Multilingual Not Better Than Bilingual

We at Translators USA are very proud of our team of experienced, diligent and knowledgeable language specialists who can work in over 150 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, … Many of our language specialists are multilingual which means that they can translate and interpret in multiple languag...
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Marriage Certificate Translation

Translators USA has helped many married couples validate their marriage in the United States by providing certified translation of their marriage certificates. Marriages performed abroad are usually automatically recognized in the United States, no matter if both, one or none of the spouses is an American citizen. However, all documents that are no...
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Marketing Translation

Translators USA has helped many businesses in their international projects requiring marketing translation and subsequently, reach target audiences across the world. Unlike general translations which more or less require only language proficiency to ensure accuracy, marketing translation also requires specialized knowledge in a particular industry....
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Lost in Translation – Cultural Subtleties and Language Nuances

Lost in Translation – Cultural Subtleties and Language Nuances We at Translators USA are very proud to offer the highest quality translations across all fields and industries in over 150 languages. We have a worldwide database of over 9,000 translators with language proficiency, specialized subject knowledge and experience to handle both per...
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Legal Contract Translation

For Translators USA language specialists, no project is too demanding or difficult. Our highly trained and experienced translators aren't only experts in their language pairs but are also experts in the fields/areas in which they are specialized, allowing them to successfully handle even the most challenging projects including legal contracts. The...
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Laws on ASL Interpreting

Translators USA doesn't only help its clients establish an effective communication with hearing-impaired individuals but it also helps its clients comply with the legal requirements, more specifically with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Passed by the U.S. Congress in 1990, the ADA requires that no individual is denied or restricted acce...
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Language Localization Explained

Language localization is an integral part of all Translators USA services involving translation despite the fact that the vast majority of our clients request only accurately translated documents to be delivered on time. Furthermore, some feel uneasy when being asked for additional information about the target country/culture and audience, thinking...
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Judgment Translation

Translators USA language specialists who specialize in legal translations also provide translation of foreign judgments which is critical for having them recognized in the United States and subsequently, enforced. The enforcement of foreign judgment is quite complex (and often lengthly) process which requires much more than just translation of the ...
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IR Interpreting Solutions a Perfect Choice When Confidentiality is Top Priority

Having helped hundreds of multilingual events turn into a success, we at Translators USA know what it takes to break the language barrier in both small and large venues. But we also know that sometimes breaking the language barrier isn't enough. While interpreters' confidentiality goes without saying, this cannot always be claimed for interpreting ...
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Interpreting Services 7 Days a Week

Translators USA has helped break the language barrier on hundreds of business meetings, conferences, conventions, working dinners, factory tours and other multilingual events. We thus know that interpreters are needed virtually 24/7 and 365 days a year. And this counts for both events planned months in advance and last minute arrangements. Therefor...
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Interpreting Nonverbal Language

Translators USA interpreters don't only seek to interpret words. They seek to interpret the communicated message which, however, also includes a number of nonverbal cues. According to some studies, nonverbal elements such as facial expressions and gestures account for over 90 percent of communication. In order to be able to provide a bridge between...
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Interpreting Equipment – The Importance of Sound Quality

Translators USA team of interpreters are skilled and experienced enough to handle any kind of project professionally. To be able to provide the highest quality service, however, they rely heavily on quality interpreting equipment and above all, on quality sound. Obviously, they need to hear the speaker(s) loud and clear in order to be able to rende...
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Interpreting Equipment Sales

Translators USA has recently expanded its services to include interpreting equipment sales. We have become an official dealer of professional interpreting equipment by Listen Technologies, Williams Sound and Multi Caisses, all of which proved to deliver top performance solutions. These have been used by our linguistic experts for a number of years ...
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Interpreting Equipment Maintenance

As an official dealer of the leading interpreting equipment brands, we at Translators USA understand that interpretation systems can be quite expensive, especially the professional grade solutions. We thus fully understand the importance of extending their longevity and avoiding those costly repairs. The good news is that with proper maintenance, y...
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Interpreting Equipment Brands - Who Is Who?

Translators USA provides professional interpreting services but we are also proud to say that we provide professional interpreting equipment. Over the years we have been helping our clients break the language barrier at their multilingual events, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to both organizing events requiring inte...
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Interpreters for Business Meetings

Having helped hundreds of businesses break language barriers in meetings with their international clients/business partners, we at Translators USA understand that interpretation involves much more than just facilitating communication. Our interpreters also help our business clients overcome cultural differences and provide an advice on proper etiqu...
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Interpreters' Confidentiality

Translators USA language specialists often interpret conversations of highly confidential nature. We thus fully understand the concerns of businesses and individuals in regard to interpreters' confidentiality as an eventual indiscretion of the interpreter can cause a major damage in both their personal and professional lives. But our clients can re...
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Interpretation Booths – A Comparison Between Tabletop and Full-Size Booths

Eager to provide our clients with everything they need for the highest quality interpretation regardless of the type of the event and size of the venue, Translators USA professional interpreting equipment store also includes interpretation booths that can accommodate most needs, preferences and budgets. Available in different sizes, styles and fea...
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Interpreter's Neutrality and Impartiality are Mandatory

Translators USA interpreters are professionals who strictly follow the interpreters' code of ethics which among other also requires from them to maintain neutrality and impartiality at all times. Even though most clients take interpreters' neutrality and impartiality for granted, in reality, interpreters often find themselves in situations in which...
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