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Translators USA team of translators and interpreters in Seattle has been helping our clients overcome language barriers in both business and personal lives for a long time. All our linguistic experts are certified and accredited as well as qualified to translate/interpret legal, corporate, personal, medical, marketing and technical material in more...
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School Transcript Translation

Translators USA language specialists have been helping individuals getting their foreign school transcripts recognized in the United States for almost two decades already. Transcripts that aren't written in English must be translated in order for them to be recognized by the US educational institutions, government agencies and often also by employe...
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Retour Interpreting - What Is It And When It Is Used

Translators USA is happy to answer any questions our clients may have about our interpreting services or interpreting in general. With nearly 20 years of experience in providing interpreting services across the United States and working with some of the best interpreters in the country, we have gained a lot of both practical and theoretical knowled...
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Remote Interpreting – Pros and Cons

On the one hand, Translators USA strictly follows the proven standards of good practice but on the other, we are always on the lookout for novelties with an aim to enhance our interpreting services. In addition to offering the traditional interpreting services with on-site language specialists, we thus also offer remote interpreting. What Is Remot...
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Relay Interpreting – What Is It, When Is It Used and Why?

Skilled, knowledgeable and experienced interpreters form the core of Translators USA interpreting services. The success of multilingual events involving our interpreters, however, also depends greatly on our clients making well-informed decisions. We always respect our clients' choices and always do our best to meet their expectations. But we stron...
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Quality Yet Cost Effective Translation Services? Yes, It's Possible

We at Translators USA are fully committed to customer satisfaction. In order to provide our clients with accurate, fast and professional translation services, we work only with certified, skilled and experienced translators who are also experts in an array of subjects and industries. That way we always deliver the highest quality translations inclu...
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Portable Interpreting Equipment - When, Why and How

Translators USA highly trained and experienced interpreters have the knowledge and skills to handle just about any event, setting and venue. But they need the right interpreting equipment. Since the latter is the responsibility of the event organizer, we put a lot of effort into helping our clients understand what are the options, which solutions a...
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Police Record Translation

For almost 20 years, Translators USA has been helping visa and green card applicants from all over the world having their documents properly translated. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic degrees, school transcripts, ... And yes, our language specialists also provide police record translation which is required when police record is...
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Planning Your Multilingual Event – Which Interpreting Equipment

For many years Translators USA has been helping clients break the language barrier at their multilingual events. In addition to providing interpreting services, we have also helped many clients overcome the challenges of organizing multilingual events including choosing the right interpreting equipment. Interpreting Equipment Needed to Turn Your M...
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Planning Your Multilingual Event – The Venue

Translators USA doesn't only provide interpreting services and interpreting equipment. We also offer assistance in planning multilingual events. Our goal is to help our clients turn their events into a success and make the best choice possible with respect to both their specific needs and budget. Many things need to be taken into account when plan...
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Planning Your Multilingual Event – The Importance of Working With Your Interpreting Service Provider

Translators USA is here to provide interpreters, interpreting equipment and advice on organizing multilingual events. But in order to be able to provide the highest quality service, we need help from our clients. More specifically, we need them to provide us with information about: Date of the event  Translators USA has a nationwide data...
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Planning Your Multilingual Event – How Much in Advance to Book Interpreters

With a nationwide database of over 1,000 interpreters, Translators USA can provide interpreting services at just about any location in the United States on a short notice. However, we don't recommend our clients to wait until the last minute. Our interpreters are highly trained, experienced and professional, and can adjust to any given situation. B...
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Planning Your Multilingual Event – How Many Interpreters

In addition to providing interpreting services for all kinds of multilingual events, we at Translators USA are also happy to help our clients make the necessary plans and arrangements to turn their conference, business meeting, convention or any other event requiring interpretation into a success. Working in the interpreting industry for many years...
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Personal Document Translation

Translators USA language specialists have translated thousands of personal documents. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, legal contracts, naturalization papers, wills, drivers licenses, adoption papers, … our translators have the knowledge, expertise and experience to translate all kinds of personal documents. In addition t...
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Patents Translation

We at Translators USA are very proud to work with language specialists who can translate even the most complex documents such as patents. Considered to be among the most challenging documents to translate, patents don't only use a highly specialized technical terminology but they also tend to have their "own language" with its own rules and grammar...
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Outsourcing Medical Transcription - Patient Data Security

Translators USA has been providing medical transcription services to both small private practices and large healthcare centers for nearly two decades. We work with US-based medical transcriptionists (MTs) exclusively and we never outsource overseas for two reasons. The first reason is to maintain consistency in quality of our services and the secon...
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On-Site Vs Off-Site Interpreting

Eager to meet the needs of each and every client, Translators USA offers both on-site and off-site interpreting services. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to interpreting and therefore, we are very proud to provide our clients with the ability to choose between different interpreting services. Which is Better...
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New York's Unique Linguistic Makeup

New York City, the most populous city in the state of New York is home to over 8 million people (more 20 million in the metropolitan area) who speak approximately 800 languages. This makes the Big Apple linguistically the most diverse city in the world. First settled by the European colonists in the early 17th century, the city served as a gateway ...
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El Paso

El Paso Businesses and Idivudals have been utilizing Translators USA interpretation and translation services for many years. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service to our clients and therefore we employ only the best language specialists. All our interpreters and translators are "native" and certified in their language pair. At ...
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Naturalization Papers Translation

Translators USA linguistic experts who are specialized in personal documents translation are aware of the importance of accuracy yet fast turnaround, especially when it comes to documents such as naturalization papers. All documents that are to be submitted to the US government agencies including the USCIS must be translated if not written in Engli...
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