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Translation Services

If you need translation services, you can always turn to Translators USA linguistic experts who provide: Translation in 150+ Languages. Our translators are fully qualified to provide professional translation services in more than 150 languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and other world's most com...
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Translation and Equivalent Effect

Striving to remain one of the leading translation providers in the United States, Translators USA is carefully following the developments in the field of translation studies and encouraging our language specialists to participate in continuous professional development. The goal is to ensure that all translations are done by incorporating the latest...
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Translating Colloquial Expressions, Jargons and Idioms

Translators USA language specialists often translate documents that contain colloquial expressions, jargons and idioms. And they all agree that these translations are especially challenging because firstly, they need to understand the exact meaning in the original source language and secondly, find an equivalent for expressions that often don't exi...
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Transcription Software Vs Manual Transcription

Businesses and individuals who have utilized Translators USA services before know that we're not enemies of technology. On the contrary, we think it is very useful in terms of both increasing quality of transcriptions and turnaround time. However, we strongly disagree with insinuations that an advanced transcription software such as speech recognit...
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Transcription Outsourcing – A Money Saver or Costly Mistake?

With so many transcription service providers outsourcing overseas, a growing number of businesses is turning to Translators USA asking whether we outsource to India and the Philippines as well. And our answer is always the same: No, all English transcriptions are done here in the United States by American transcriptionists. We are convinced that o...
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Transcribing Dialects, Regional/National Accents and Jargon

We at Translators USA have been working in the transcription industry long enough to know that transcribing isn't as easy as many people think it is. But we don't hold it against them. After all, converting the spoken word into a written form doesn't really appear difficult if you don't have any hearing problems and can type relatively fast. Howeve...
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Timely Turnaround of Translated Documents

Translators USA clients can always count on timely turnaround of translated documents. With years of experience in providing translation services, we know how important it is to have translated documents delivered at the promised time. Businesses and individuals who are turning to us need a professional and accurate translation but they often also ...
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Thoughts on Transcription – Return to the Basics

The transcription industry has changed a lot from the time Translators USA began offering transcription services almost two decades ago. The industry has seen the emergence of highly sophisticated computer programs that promise to eliminate the need for manual transcription but at the same time, more and more transcriptions are done overseas to ove...
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Thoughts on Renting Interpreting Equipment

Since the launch of the new Translators USA professional interpreting equipment store, we have been contacted by many people asking if the equipment is also available for rental. We are aware that high-tech interpreting equipment isn't inexpensive but we decided not to get involved into renting although we have many years of experience in providing...
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The Weight of ATA Certification

We at Translators USA are very proud to be a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and work with ATA certified language specialists. Over 1,600 to be more precise. However, we are also aware that many of our clients don't understand what ATA certification means and why is it so important. For that reason, we have decided to take a cl...
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The Truth About Machine Translation Software

Translators USA clients can be sure that their documents aren't translated with machine translation software. It isn't that we don't trust the technology, on the contrary, we continuously upgrade our equipment with the latest high-tech to ensure the highest quality services and maximal security of our clients' documents. But when it comes to machin...
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The Role of Interpreters in Communication

Translators USA interpreters don't only help our clients break the language barrier. They also help establish communication and keep it flowing. This is because the interpreters' job isn't only to translate what is being said. Their job is also to facilitate communication between two or multiple parties who don't share a common language. But their ...
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The Key Qualities of a Professional Translator

In order to provide the highest quality translations to both businesses and individuals alike, Translators USA selects language specialists with great care. And once a part of our team, they continue to be assessed for quality and performance so our clients can have the peace of mind that they will receive 100% accurately translated documents on ti...
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Target Audience and Translation Quality

In order to deliver the highest quality service to our clients, Translators USA language specialists always make sure that they have all the necessary information. All translations are done by translators who are the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in the subject and language in question, however, sometimes the document itself isn't e...
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Symmetric and Asymmetric Language Regimes

Translators USA clients can choose between different types of interpreting services including simultaneous, consecutive, whisper and over-the-phone interpreting. Our interpreters are skilled and experienced enough to handle any kind of situation, venue and virtually any kind of language combination and subject. With a nationwide database of over 1,...
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Stationary Vs Portable Transmitters

Translators USA professional interpreting equipment store offers a wide selection of solutions to meet the needs of our highly diverse clientèle. We have teamed up with some of the leading manufacturers of interpreting equipment to provide our clients access to the highest quality solutions and the latest technologies. But we also made sure ...
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Single- Vs Multi-Channel Interpreting Equipment

We at Translators USA follow a very simple rule to provide the highest quality interpreting services to our clients. Well, two to be more precise. The first rule is to recruit the most experienced and knowledgeable interpreters and the second rule is to make sure that they are using the highest quality interpreting equipment. We cannot emphasize en...
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Simultaneous Interpreting Services

We at Translators USA understand the importance of accurate and professional simultaneous interpreting service for the outcome of a bilingual or multilingual event. Translation from one language into another within a fraction of a second leaves no room for error and simultaneous interpretation therefore requires much more than just linguistic exper...
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Signal-to-Noise Ratio Explained

The role of sound clarity in quality of interpreting services has been the subject of many Translators USA blogs because it is one of the key "ingredients" for success of bilingual and multilingual events. A number of factors can affect sound quality other than the interpreting equipment including poor installation and improper selection of the int...
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Sense-For-Sense Translation

In order to provide our clients the highest quality translation services, we at Translators USA carefully follow the developments in translation theory, methods and practices, and combine them with the long-established norms. And one of such norms is sense-for-sense translation (also known as paraphrase) the goal of which is to ensure that the tran...
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