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Accuracy Doesn't Equal Quality

For Translators USA, accuracy of translated documents is not enough. This is because accuracy doesn't equal quality. As hard to believe as it might sound but a translation can be 100% accurate but of poor quality at the same time. Here is why:   Translation is literal Have you ever used online translation tools? Literal or word-by-word tr...
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Academic Degree Translation

Translators USA isn't only interested in large projects. We are happy to help anyone who needs a professional translation whether they are large multinational corporations in need of an ongoing service or private individuals who need only a single document translation. The United States is the most popular immigration destination in the world, whi...
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A Brief History of Translation and A Glance at Its Future

We at Translators USA pride ourselves to work in one of the oldest disciplines. Translation has been around as long as written language, while the theory and practice of modern translation date back to antiquity. However, translation as an academic discipline emerged only in the second half of the 20th century.  Translation Until the Mid-20th...
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3 Main Types of Transcription At a Glance

The majority of Translators USA clients are well informed about the different types and styles of transcription and know exactly what they want. Some, however, are confused when asked which type of transcription they need. We are more than happy to help them understand their options and recommend the style we think is most appropriate based on the ...
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About Liaison Interpreting and How It Works

Eager to accommodate each and every client's needs perfectly, Translators USA interpreting services are custom tailored according to individual clients' wishes, preferences and requirements. To help our clients break the language barrier at their conferences, business meetings and other bi- or multilingual events, we offer different types of interp...
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5 Things You May Not Know About Translation and Translators

From the day Translators USA opened its doors nearly 20 years ago, we have been clearing up myths and misconceptions surrounding translation and translators on a virtually daily basis. Many people, especially those who have never used translation services before often don't know that:1. It takes years of learning and training to become a profession...
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Translation over the FM BAND 88.1 – 108.1

Always pushing for more and better, we have decided to connect ourselves with premium quality interpreting equipment brands with an aim to provide our clients both the highest quality interpreting services and the highest quality equipment. Now, we have decided to further upgrade our services by offering translation over the FM band 88.1-108.1 MHz ...
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