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Confidentiality and Security of Documents Submitted for Translation

Translators USA language specialists often translate documents that contain very sensitive and highly confidential information ranging from personal information, medical information, corporate information, business secrets, etc. We therefore completely understand our clients' concerns about confidentiality and security of documents submitted for tr...
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Conference Interpreting Services

We at Translators USA are aware that the business world is getting increasingly global and that the number of companies that are transcending the national boundaries is growing at a rapid rate. By transcending the national boundaries, however, businesses are not only entering new markets but are often also entering countries with different language...
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Communication, Communication, Communication

We at Translators USA work very closely with our clients for two reasons. The first reason is because every client is a unique person with unique needs, and the second reason is to make sure that our translators have all the information needed to produce the highest quality translation. For us, communication is an integral part of translation. &nb...
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Common Myths About Interpreting

We at Translators USA strongly believe that well informed clients making well informed decisions are just as important as professional, knowledgeable and experienced team of interpreters. We have therefore decided to clear out some of the most common myths about interpreting which include:   The majority of interpreters work for the UN Th...
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Choosing the Right Translation Service Provider

Translators USA has been in the industry long enough to know that finding the right translation service provider isn't as easy as it may seem at a first glance even though everyone is after the same thing: accurate translation at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, quality typically comes with a high price, while cheap translations usually lack qual...
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Certified Vs Non-Certified Translators

Translators USA clients don't have to worry about our language specialists' competence to translate their documents no matter if these are corporate or personal, legal or medical, technical or marketing, ... Our team of translators consists of highly trained, experienced and skilled professionals who provide fast and 100% accurate translation servi...
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Certified Translation Services

Translators USA doesn't only provide professional, fast and accurate translations to both businesses and individuals alike. We also provide certified translation services that meet the highest standards of nationally recognized certification programs such as the American Translators Association (ATA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as the ...
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Certified and Notarized Translations Not the Same

Translations done by Translators USA language specialists are both certified and notarized. Therefore, our clients can have the peace of mind that their translations will be accepted by both governmental and non-governmental institutions. But we also must note that many people who turn to us do so only after they are called to submit certified tran...
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Buying Interpreting Equipment – The Technical Aspect

Eager to help our clients make the best choices possible, we at Translators USA are always happy to provide professional advice and assistance in the selection of interpreting equipment. We understand that buying professional interpreting equipment isn't easy because there are a number of things that should be carefully considered in order to make ...
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Business Documents Translation

Whether you are seeking to expand your business to Latin America, Europe, Asia or Africa, Translators USA can help you break any language barriers in written correspondence with your international business partners/clients or/and foreign government agencies. We guarantee to provide the highest quality business documents translation including of let...
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Breaking the Myths About Interpreting – One Language, One Interpreter

For Translators USA, clients' needs and wishes always come first. But while we always respect our clients' wishes and if necessary, go an extra mile to accommodate their needs perfectly, we also feel obliged to recommend them to reconsider their choices if these can affect the outcome of their event. From our experience, many event planners are und...
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Breaking the Myths About Interpreting – Interpreters Will Take Care of the Equipment

Translators USA interpreters are happy to provide advice on anything related to interpreting equipment. With years of experience in providing the highest quality interpreting services, they have gained a lot of experience with interpreting equipment as well. However, it is not interpreters' responsibility to take care of the equipment. Their job is...
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Breaking the Language Barrier at Your Conference - What are Your Options?

Translators USA has been helping both small businesses and large multinational corporations break the language barrier at their conferences for nearly two decades. We understand both the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally but we also understand that different companies have different needs and that there is no one-size-f...
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Breaking the Myths About Interpreting – Don't We All Speak English?

We at Translators USA don't only offer interpreting services but we also provide information and advice to all who think they might need one. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality services by recruiting the most qualified, knowledgeable and experienced interpreters but we strongly believe that well-informed clients making well-informed...
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Birth Certificate Translation

Translators USA language specialists are available for a variety of personal documents translations, including birth certificate translation. The original birth certificate or a certified copy is used as a proof of citizenship or/and nationality but it is also needed to establish citizenship rights including the right to vote, to apply for passport...
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An Overview of Different Types of Interpreting

Translators USA clients can choose between all the main types of interpreting: - Simultaneous interpreting Its main advantage is that the conversion from the source into the target language takes place in real time (with a delay of a few seconds, to be more precise) without interrupting the speaker regardless of how many languages the source lang...
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Advice on Buying Interpreting Equipment

As one of America's leading interpreting service providers and professional interpreting equipment vendor, we at Translators USA understand how important it is to choose the right equipment. It doesn't only help interpreters provide the highest quality service but it also plays the key role in the listeners' experience. Unfortunately, there is no o...
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Advantages of Working With the Same Translator(s)

We at Translators USA are always looking for ways to offer our clients a better service at a lower cost. But we also keep up with the rule "if it works, don't fix it." Similar can also be said about translators. When you find a translator or team of translators who meet your needs perfectly, don't go looking for translation services elsewhere. Why...
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Adoption Papers Translation

We at Translators USA understand the importance of adoption papers for both the adopted child and the adopting parents. They prove that the adoption is legally valid and that there was no human rights violations during the process. Adoption papers are crucial to bring the child to the United States but they are also of key importance for the child ...
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A Closer Look at Whisper Interpretation

In addition to simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, Translators USA language specialists are also available for whisper interpretation. Even though it offers several advantages over both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, we have noticed that many clients decide either for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation without ...
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