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Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi $1B venture capital launch interpreted by Translators USA

B2ap3 Thumbnail CES 2018 Press Conference 2When Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi launched their $1 billion corporate venture capital fund on January 9 at CES 2018, Translators USA was there to help make history. More to the point, we were there to make sure the history being made was understood in French and Japanese, the native tongues of the carmakers Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. Renault-Ni...
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Our Favorite Gaelic Words

Translators USA celebrates St. Patrick's Day with Our Favorite Gaelic WordsSt. Patrick’s Day is probably the least stressful of all holidays with the simple agenda of wearing green, kissing your fellow (temporary) Irish relations, and enjoying a pint or two. But if you’re looking for another puzzling way to honor the missionary work of a Catholic saint, why not throw some words into your conversation that have...
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A Brief History of Irish-Gaelic

Translators USA celebrates the history of Irish GaelicMaybe you’re familiar with the word, ‘Gaelic’—recognizing it as the native language of Ireland. Even if you’ve never heard it spoken, you may have listened to Gaelic in music as performed by such artists as Celtic Woman or Enya. And if you’ve ever seen it written as it’s being spoken, you probably think the...
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"Equal Goes it Loose" Versus "It's Starting!"

Translators USA matches connotation and denotation to create more accurate translationsWords have meanings … and some have multiple definitions. So when you think about the challenges associated with learning another language, one of the first that comes to mind is the daunting task of associating meanings with thousands of unfamiliar sounds. Yet if memorization was all there was to fluently speaking a foreign language, the sk...
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Put Your Business Communications in the ‘Language of the Heart’

Put Your Business Communications in the ‘Language of the Heart’
During our formative years, important thoughts, lessons, and concepts come to us in the words of our parents. That’s why the language of our birth is often called our Mother Tongue. Why not make your business communications more powerful by speaking the language that’s dearest to your audiences’ hearts? Translators USA is ready to help you do just ...
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Language Barriers Coming Down Across the USA

New Braunfels, Texas (Dec. 15, 2015) – Translation isn’t simply a matter of having your words conveyed in a foreign language—you must also be understood. Recognizing this fact, Translators USA has recently enlarged its national footprint by opening new offices in Atlanta, GA, New Braunfels, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and San Diego, CA. Now ...
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With Locations Now in 22 Cities, We’re Bringing Down Language Barriers Across the USA

We understand that translation isn’t simply a matter of having your words conveyed in a foreign language—you must also be understood. That’s why we at Translators USA have recently enlarged our national footprint by opening new offices in Atlanta, GA, New Braunfels, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and San Diego, CA. Now populations in these citi...
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Working with Freelance Translators – The Traps and Pitfalls

Even though a growing number of translators are offering their services online as freelancers, the demand for Translators USA professional translation services is greater than ever. We believe that there are two main reasons for our success. The first reason is our uncompromising commitment to quality on the one hand and affordability on the other,...
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Why You Should Always Hire Professional Transcriptionists

As one of the leading professional transcription service providers, we at Translators USA aren't afraid of competition in the form of freelance transcriptionists who often offer their services at extremely low rates. We don't wish to undermine anyone's work, however, we believe that freelance transcriptionists can't compete with professionals. Who...
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Why Family Members and Friends Fail as Interpreters

We at Translators USA pride ourselves to offer the highest quality interpreting services but we also pride ourselves to offer professional advice on anything related to interpreting. We help our clients understand their options and the best solutions for their specific needs and requirements as well as approaches to interpreting that should be avoi...
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Why Back-Translation Can't be Used to Measure Quality

We at Translators USA have an obsession with quality when it comes to, well, just about everything. Seeking to meet each and every client's needs perfectly, we are always prepared to go an extra mile to deliver the highest quality translation. But we also understand that many clients, especially those who haven't worked with us before have concerns...
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Who's Your Ideal Interpreter?

We at Translators USA choose language specialists we work with very carefully. Many of the key skills and knowledge we are looking for are acquired during formal education and training but many can be acquired only with experience and continuous learning and both personal and professional development. After providing evidence of formal education an...
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Which Spanish? It Matters... a Lot!

To provide maximum convenience and deliver translated documents in the shortest time possible, Translators USA enables clients to upload documents that need to be translated to our Online Order Form. However, when selecting the language into which the documents need to be translated, our clients sometimes forget to further specify their requirement...
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When Your Transcription Includes “(Inaudible)”

Translators USA works with highly trained transcriptionists who have years of experience in transcribing conferences, interviews, reports and many other types of records/dictated material including those involving the use of specialized terminology such as legal and medical. We thus guarantee 100% accurate transcription and the fastest turnaround i...
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Website Translation as a Marketing Tool

Translators USA is receiving an increased number of requests for website translation. Many companies that are turning to us seek to enter the global market and through the increase of customer base, increase their profits. Some are looking for Translators USA services to improve their ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) for the target mar...
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Urgent Translations – Does Speed Affect Quality?

Translators USA is often contacted by businesses and individuals who need their documents translated in a very short period of time. We always strive to meet our clients' needs and translate their documents in the shortest time possible without sacrificing quality. However, sometimes our clients have unrealistic expectations. Just because we guaran...
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Understanding Active and Passive Languages

To provide the highest quality interpreting services and meet our clients' specific needs, we at Translators USA always take time to talk to our clients to understand their needs and to make sure that they understand their options. But we also take time to make sure that they understand the terms commonly used in the interpreting industry. For exam...
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Transcription and Translation In a Single Place

Translators USA clients who need both transcription and translation have the ability to get both in a single place. We are very proud to offer both the highest quality transcription and translation services, enabling our clients to save time, money and energy. Our highly trained, knowledgeable and professional transcriptionists and translators can ...
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Translators' Terms and Expressions Explained

We at Translators USA are always happy to answer our clients' questions. But we think it can't hurt to provide a quick overview and explanation of some of the most common translators' terms and expressions: Back translation. Translation of a document back into the original language, usually by a translator who is unfamiliar with the original tex...
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Translation Tools and Equipment

We at Translators USA are very proud to work with language specialists who have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide the highest quality translation in all fields and subjects, and in over 150 languages. In addition to their knowledge and experience, however, our translators also rely heavily on various translation tools and equipment th...
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