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Birth Certificate Translation

Translators USA language specialists are available for a variety of personal documents translations, including birth certificate translation. The original birth certificate or a certified copy is used as a proof of citizenship or/and nationality but it is also needed to establish citizenship rights including the right to vote, to apply for passport, gain access to social and health care services, etc., while non-American citizens who wish to live or/and work in the United States also need it to apply for immigration papers including green card. Translated into English, of course.


Having Your Birth Certificate Translated

If you want the USCIS, federal agencies, local government or other professional institutions, regardless if governmental or non-governmental, to accept your birth certificate, it must be translated in accordance with the 8 CFR 103.2 (b)(3), that is in accordance with the U.S. government specifications on translations that are to be used by governmental agencies. To make it simpler, your birth certificate must be a certified translation – that is to be translated by a certified translator, include a translator's statement that it is an accurate and word for word translation of the original, information about the translator and be printed on the official letterhead paper of the company that provided the translation. Still confused? Simply have your birth certificate original or a certified copy translated by a certified translator or translation service provider that offers certified translations. They will make sure that your translated birth certificate meets all the requirements for it to be accepted by the USCIS and other institutions.

Do You Need Your Birth Certificate Translation Notarized?

Generally, the USCIS and other governmental agencies don't require translated documents to be notarized. It doesn't hurt to have it notarized but it is highly important to keep in mind that while certified but non-notarized documents will be accepted, notarized but non-certified won't. This is due to the fact that certification proves that the document is an accurate, word for word translation of the original. A notary's stamp, on the other hand, confirms that the document and signature(s) on it are authentic. But it doesn't have anything to do with accuracy of translation. As a result, the USCIS and other governmental agencies won't accept notarized birth certificate translations if they are not certified.

Translators USA Will Have Your Birth Certificate Translation Both Certified and Notarized

We at Translators USA don't leave anything to chance. Even though the USCIS and other governmental agencies don't require notarization, we have all birth certificate translations and other documents that are to be submitted to governmental agencies both certified and notarized. All translations are done according to the U.S. government requirements about translations for governmental use which means that they are translated by a certified translator, include a translator's statement confirming accuracy of translation and their competence, and are printed on our official letterhead paper. And just in case, all translations are notarized as well.

Entrust translation of your birth certificate to us and you will receive 2 certified and notarized translations that meet all the U.S. government requirements. We provide translations in over 150 languages and have both the fastest turnaround and the lowest rates in the industry!

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