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Adoption Papers Translation

We at Translators USA understand the importance of adoption papers for both the adopted child and the adopting parents. They prove that the adoption is legally valid and that there was no human rights violations during the process. Adoption papers are crucial to bring the child to the United States but they are also of key importance for the child to gain the right to citizenship, social security benefits, health care, passport, driver's license, the right to vote, etc.


So Many Papers...

The adoption process involves submitting and often also translating a whole pile of various papers. Which ones depends greatly from one country to another but it is crucial to make sure that not a single paper is missing if you want to prove that the adoption is valid. We understand that it isn't difficult to get overwhelmed by all the paperwork and for that reason, we recommend you to make or ask for a list of all the necessary papers and focus on one paper at a time.

When Translation is Required?

Translation is usually required for all the papers that are written in a foreign language. Again, the requirements depend greatly between different countries. In the United States, all legal papers -  and adoption papers are legal papers – in non-English language must be certified translations in order to be recognized as valid. So if you need to have your adoption papers translated, you should have them translated by a certified translator who is competent for the specific language pair. Translators don't have a stamp to certify translation but they add a statement in which they guarantee that the document is an accurate translation of the original and provide all the necessary information to allow verification of their competence.

Notarizations, Apostilles and Legalizations

Sometimes certified translation isn't enough to have the papers recognized as valid. In addition to submitting translations, you might also be required to have them notarized, apostilled or legalized in some other way, for example by the embassy of the country in question. However, keep in mind that notarizations, apostilles and other types of legalization are an additional requirement. This means that all the documents must be both certified translations and notarized, apostilled or legalized in some other way. If you submit a notarized translation that isn't certified, it will not be accepted as valid. So remember, all adoption papers that are written in a foreign language must be certified translations regardless if additional legalization is required or not.

Translators USA Language Specialists Can Help You with Both Translation and Legalization of Your Adoption Papers

We have an exclusive database of over 1,600 certified translators who are competent to translate all types of personal and legal documents, including adoption papers. All translations done by our language specialists are also notarized at no additional cost and if necessary, apostilled as well. For additional information, please contact us through our website or by phone on the number 888-790-8872. We will be happy to answer any question you might have, 7 days a week.

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