In addition to simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, Translators USA language specialists are also available for whisper interpretation. Even though it offers several advantages over both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, we have noticed that many clients decide either for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation without even considering whisper interpretation as an option. We have therefore decided to take a closer look at whisper interpretation and both its advantages and disadvantages.


The Basics

Also known by its French name 'chuchotage', whisper interpretation doesn't really involve whispering. Instead, the interpreter who sits or stands close to the person(s) requiring conversion from one language into another speaks normally using only a lower volume. The main goal is to break the language barrier without interrupting the speaker and other participants. Sometimes, the interpreter provides a two-way communication by interpreting for the client but whisper interpretation is usually used only to translate the spoken into the target language.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned earlier, whisper interpretation offers several advantages over both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation:

Cons? A few:

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