The majority of Translators USA clients are well informed about the different types and styles of transcription and know exactly what they want. Some, however, are confused when asked which type of transcription they need. We are more than happy to help them understand their options and recommend the style we think is most appropriate based on the subject and purpose of transcription. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to take a closer look at the 3 main types of transcription and their main characteristics.


Verbatim, Intelligent and Edited

There are 3 main types (or styles) of transcription with some notable differences:

- Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription is the most detailed of all types of transcription because it requires an inclusion of every sound including those that are used to make a pause or express emotions such as uh, er, em, hm, … and may also include description of body language and background noises. Everything is transcribed as spoken. This type of transcription is preferred for legal interviews, hearings, testimonies, etc. because every word can potentially be used as evidence.

- Intelligent Transcription

Unlike verbatim transcription, intelligent transcription omits pause sounds, emotions, half-sentences and everything that isn't relevant for the content. Its main purpose is to read "intelligently" which means that it also involves some editing by the transcriptionists who, however, must know what can and cannot be omitted in order for the transcription to retain the exact same meaning and message as audio/video file. This type of transcription is most often asked for when the audio/video file is an interview.  

- Edited Transcription

Like its name suggests, edited transcription involves editing. Just like intelligent transcription, it omits pause sounds, emotions, half-sentences and other irrelevant noises. In comparison to intelligent transcription, however, edited transcription involves a lot more editing because it doesn't only omit irrelevant sounds but may also omit significant parts of the speech, of course, under condition that the meaning and message remain unchanged. Therefore, it should be done by an experienced and knowledgeable transcriptionist who understands what the speaker is trying to say. Edited transcription is recommended for various speeches, seminars, etc.

Translators USA Transcriptionists Provide the Highest Quality Verbatim, Intelligent and Edited Transcriptions

We have a worldwide database of over 5,000 transcriptionists who are qualified to provide the highest quality verbatim, intelligent and edited transcriptions. But we also have an exclusive database of highly experienced and certified transcriptionists who deliver the highest quality transcriptions in all fields and subjects including legal and medical. We would also like to emphasize that all English transcriptions are done here in the United States by the most qualified and knowledgeable transcriptionists. If you have any questions about our transcription services or would like to order a transcription, you can contact us by phone or through our website 7 days a week.